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LaunchOptions interface

Generic launch options that can be passed when launching any browser.


export interface LaunchOptions


channel?ChromeReleaseChannel(Optional) Chrome Release Channel
dumpio?boolean(Optional) If true, pipes the browser process stdout and stderr to process.stdout and process.stderr.
env?Record<string, string | undefined>(Optional) Specify environment variables that will be visible to the browser.
executablePath?string(Optional) Path to a browser executable to use instead of the bundled Chromium. Note that Puppeteer is only guaranteed to work with the bundled Chromium, so use this setting at your own risk.
extraPrefsFirefox?Record<string, unknown>(Optional) Additional preferences that can be passed when launching with Firefox.
handleSIGHUP?boolean(Optional) Close the browser process on SIGHUP.
handleSIGINT?boolean(Optional) Close the browser process on Ctrl+C.
handleSIGTERM?boolean(Optional) Close the browser process on SIGTERM.
ignoreDefaultArgs?boolean | string[](Optional) If true, do not use puppeteer.defaultArgs() when creating a browser. If an array is provided, these args will be filtered out. Use this with care - you probably want the default arguments Puppeteer uses.
pipe?boolean(Optional) Connect to a browser over a pipe instead of a WebSocket.
product?Product(Optional) Which browser to launch.
timeout?number(Optional) Maximum time in milliseconds to wait for the browser to start. Pass 0 to disable the timeout.
waitForInitialPage?boolean(Optional) Whether to wait for the initial page to be ready. Useful when a user explicitly disables that (e.g. --no-startup-window for Chrome).