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Version: 22.3.0

FrameWaitForFunctionOptions interface


export interface FrameWaitForFunctionOptions


pollingoptional'raf' | 'mutation' | number

An interval at which the pageFunction is executed, defaults to raf. If polling is a number, then it is treated as an interval in milliseconds at which the function would be executed. If polling is a string, then it can be one of the following values:

- raf - to constantly execute pageFunction in requestAnimationFrame callback. This is the tightest polling mode which is suitable to observe styling changes.

- mutation - to execute pageFunction on every DOM mutation.

signaloptionalAbortSignalA signal object that allows you to cancel a waitForFunction call.
timeoutoptionalnumberMaximum time to wait in milliseconds. Defaults to 30000 (30 seconds). Pass 0 to disable the timeout. Puppeteer's default timeout can be changed using Page.setDefaultTimeout().