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Version: 22.3.0


Puppeteer offers a Docker image that includes Chrome for Testing along with the required dependencies and a pre-installed Puppeteer version. The image is available via the GitHub Container Registry. The latest image is tagged as latest and other tags match Puppeteer versions. For example,

docker pull # pulls the latest
docker pull # pulls the image that contains Puppeteer v16.1.0

The image is meant for running the browser in sandbox mode and therefore, running the image requires the SYS_ADMIN capability.


To use the docker image directly, run:

docker run -i --init --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --rm node -e "$(cat path/to/script.js)"

where path/to/script.js is the path relative to your working directory. Note the image requires the SYS_ADMIN capability since the browser runs in sandbox mode.

If you need to build an image based on a different base image, you can use our Dockerfile as the starting point.