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Version: 22.13.1


Puppeteer offers a Docker image that includes Chrome for Testing along with the required dependencies and a pre-installed Puppeteer version. The image is available via the GitHub Container Registry. The latest image is tagged as latest and other tags match Puppeteer versions. For example,

docker pull # pulls the latest
docker pull # pulls the image that contains Puppeteer v16.1.0

The image is meant for running the browser in sandbox mode and therefore, running the image requires the SYS_ADMIN capability.


To use the docker image directly, run:

docker run -i --init --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --rm node -e "$(cat path/to/script.js)"

where path/to/script.js is the path relative to your working directory. Note the image requires the SYS_ADMIN capability since the browser runs in sandbox mode.

If you need to build an image based on a different base image, you can use our Dockerfile as the starting point.


Make sure to specify a init process via the --init flag or a custom ENTRYPOINT to make sure all processes started by Puppeteer are managed properly.


The image installs and configures dbus for Chrome. Usually you would not need dbus in the headless mode but you might see warnings in the browser console. You can start the dbus service before launching your application:

sudo service dbus start

See for instructions how to start multiple processes in a container.