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Version: 22.3.0

Page.waitForNavigation() method

Waits for the page to navigate to a new URL or to reload. It is useful when you run code that will indirectly cause the page to navigate.


class Page {
waitForNavigation(options?: WaitForOptions): Promise<HTTPResponse | null>;


optionsWaitForOptions(Optional) Navigation parameters which might have the following properties:


Promise<HTTPResponse | null>

A Promise which resolves to the main resource response.

  • In case of multiple redirects, the navigation will resolve with the response of the last redirect. - In case of navigation to a different anchor or navigation due to History API usage, the navigation will resolve with null.


Usage of the History API to change the URL is considered a navigation.


const [response] = await Promise.all([
page.waitForNavigation(), // The promise resolves after navigation has finished''), // Clicking the link will indirectly cause a navigation