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Version: 22.12.0

Supported browsers


Puppeteer originally only worked with Chromium and downloaded Chromium builds by default. Newer versions use Chrome for Testing, which supports both headless and headful modes sharing the same code path in the browser. The old headless mode is now a separate program called chrome-headless-shell (use headless: 'shell' with Puppeteer). Puppeteer also supports nightly versions of Firefox. This page lists which Puppeteer version works with which Chromium or Chrome for Testing version (chrome-headless-shell versions match Chrome for Testing).

The following versions of the browsers are supported, mapped to Puppeteer version. This list is automatically updated when the version of the pinned browsers changes in a given release of Puppeteer. If an exact matching version of Puppeteer isn't listed, the supported version of the browser is that for the immediately prior version of Puppeteer: