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Version: 18.0.5

Page.setViewport() method

page.setViewport will resize the page. A lot of websites don't expect phones to change size, so you should set the viewport before navigating to the page.

In the case of multiple pages in a single browser, each page can have its own viewport size.


class Page {
setViewport(viewport: Viewport): Promise<void>;






Argument viewport have following properties:

  • width: page width in pixels. required

  • height: page height in pixels. required

  • deviceScaleFactor: Specify device scale factor (can be thought of as DPR). Defaults to 1.

  • isMobile: Whether the meta viewport tag is taken into account. Defaults to false.

  • hasTouch: Specifies if viewport supports touch events. Defaults to false

  • isLandScape: Specifies if viewport is in landscape mode. Defaults to false.

NOTE: in certain cases, setting viewport will reload the page in order to set the isMobile or hasTouch properties.


const page = await browser.newPage();
await page.setViewport({
width: 640,
height: 480,
deviceScaleFactor: 1,
await page.goto('');