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Version: 22.13.1

Page.metrics() method

Object containing metrics as key/value pairs.


class Page {
abstract metrics(): Promise<Metrics>;



  • Timestamp : The timestamp when the metrics sample was taken.

  • Documents : Number of documents in the page.

  • Frames : Number of frames in the page.

  • JSEventListeners : Number of events in the page.

  • Nodes : Number of DOM nodes in the page.

  • LayoutCount : Total number of full or partial page layout.

  • RecalcStyleCount : Total number of page style recalculations.

  • LayoutDuration : Combined durations of all page layouts.

  • RecalcStyleDuration : Combined duration of all page style recalculations.

  • ScriptDuration : Combined duration of JavaScript execution.

  • TaskDuration : Combined duration of all tasks performed by the browser.

  • JSHeapUsedSize : Used JavaScript heap size.

  • JSHeapTotalSize : Total JavaScript heap size.


All timestamps are in monotonic time: monotonically increasing time in seconds since an arbitrary point in the past.