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Version: 21.6.0

Keyboard.down() method

Dispatches a keydown event.


class Keyboard {
abstract down(
key: KeyInput,
options?: Readonly<KeyDownOptions>
): Promise<void>;


keyKeyInputName of key to press, such as ArrowLeft. See KeyInput for a list of all key names.
optionsReadonly<KeyDownOptions>(Optional) An object of options. Accepts text which, if specified, generates an input event with this text. Accepts commands which, if specified, is the commands of keyboard shortcuts, see Chromium Source Code for valid command names.




If key is a single character and no modifier keys besides Shift are being held down, a keypress/input event will also generated. The text option can be specified to force an input event to be generated. If key is a modifier key, Shift, Meta, Control, or Alt, subsequent key presses will be sent with that modifier active. To release the modifier key, use Keyboard.up().

After the key is pressed once, subsequent calls to Keyboard.down() will have repeat set to true. To release the key, use Keyboard.up().

Modifier keys DO influence Keyboard.down(). Holding down Shift will type the text in upper case.