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Version: 16.1.0

FileChooser class

File choosers let you react to the page requesting for a file.


export declare class FileChooser


FileChooser objects are returned via the page.waitForFileChooser method.

The constructor for this class is marked as internal. Third-party code should not call the constructor directly or create subclasses that extend the FileChooser class.


An example of using FileChooser:

const [fileChooser] = await Promise.all([
page.waitForFileChooser(),'#upload-file-button'), // some button that triggers file selection
await fileChooser.accept(['/tmp/myfile.pdf']);

**NOTE** In browsers, only one file chooser can be opened at a time. All file choosers must be accepted or canceled. Not doing so will prevent subsequent file choosers from appearing.


accept(filePaths)Accept the file chooser request with given paths.
cancel()Closes the file chooser without selecting any files.
isMultiple()Whether file chooser allow for multiple file selection.