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Mouse class

The Mouse class operates in main-frame CSS pixels relative to the top-left corner of the viewport.


export declare abstract class Mouse


Every page object has its own Mouse, accessible with [page.mouse](#pagemouse).

The constructor for this class is marked as internal. Third-party code should not call the constructor directly or create subclasses that extend the Mouse class.

Example 1

// Using ‘page.mouse’ to trace a 100x100 square.
await page.mouse.move(0, 0);
await page.mouse.down();
await page.mouse.move(0, 100);
await page.mouse.move(100, 100);
await page.mouse.move(100, 0);
await page.mouse.move(0, 0);
await page.mouse.up();

Note: The mouse events trigger synthetic MouseEvents. This means that it does not fully replicate the functionality of what a normal user would be able to do with their mouse.

For example, dragging and selecting text is not possible using page.mouse. Instead, you can use the `DocumentOrShadowRoot.getSelection()` functionality implemented in the platform.

Example 2

For example, if you want to select all content between nodes:

await page.evaluate(
(from, to) => {
const selection = from.getRootNode().getSelection();
const range = document.createRange();

If you then would want to copy-paste your selection, you can use the clipboard api:

// The clipboard api does not allow you to copy, unless the tab is focused.
await page.bringToFront();
await page.evaluate(() => {
// Copy the selected content to the clipboard
// Obtain the content of the clipboard as a string
return navigator.clipboard.readText();

Note: If you want access to the clipboard API, you have to give it permission to do so:

await browser
.overridePermissions('<your origin>', ['clipboard-read', 'clipboard-write']);


click(x, y, options)Shortcut for mouse.move, mouse.down and mouse.up.
down(options)Presses the mouse.
drag(start, target)Dispatches a drag event.
dragAndDrop(start, target, options)Performs a drag, dragenter, dragover, and drop in sequence.
dragEnter(target, data)Dispatches a dragenter event.
dragOver(target, data)Dispatches a dragover event.
drop(target, data)Performs a dragenter, dragover, and drop in sequence.
move(x, y, options)Moves the mouse to the given coordinate.
reset()Resets the mouse to the default state: No buttons pressed; position at (0,0).
up(options)Releases the mouse.
wheel(options)Dispatches a mousewheel event.