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Version: 21.6.0

Frame.waitForXPath() method

Warning: This API is now obsolete.

Use Frame.waitForSelector() with the xpath prefix.

Example: await frame.waitForSelector('xpath/' + xpathExpression)

The method evaluates the XPath expression relative to the Frame. If xpath starts with // instead of .//, the dot will be appended automatically.

Wait for the xpath to appear in page. If at the moment of calling the method the xpath already exists, the method will return immediately. If the xpath doesn't appear after the timeout milliseconds of waiting, the function will throw.

For a code example, see the example for Frame.waitForSelector(). That function behaves identically other than taking a CSS selector rather than an XPath.


class Frame {
xpath: string,
options?: WaitForSelectorOptions
): Promise<ElementHandle<Node> | null>;


xpathstringthe XPath expression to wait for.
optionsWaitForSelectorOptions(Optional) options to configure the visibility of the element and how long to wait before timing out.


Promise<ElementHandle<Node> | null>