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InstallOptions interface


export interface InstallOptions


baseUrloptionalstringDetermines the host that will be used for downloading.


- or -

browserBrowserDetermines which browser to install.
buildIdstringDetermines which buildId to download. BuildId should uniquely identify binaries and they are used for caching.
buildIdAliasoptionalstringAn alias for the provided buildId. It will be used to maintain local metadata to support aliases in the launch command.
cacheDirstringDetermines the path to download browsers to.
downloadProgressCallbackoptional(downloadedBytes: number, totalBytes: number) => voidProvides information about the progress of the download.
platformoptionalBrowserPlatformDetermines which platform the browser will be suited for.Auto-detected.
unpackoptionalbooleanWhether to unpack and install browser archives.true